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To be an essential and valued technology partner for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Mission Statement: 

To provide technology leadership and guidance to Southern Illinois University Carbondale in direct support of teaching, learning, research, and organizational needs.  At our core, we offer university clients perspectives and guidance on technology solutions, information security, and continuous improvement through technology. We also work daily to achieve high-quality, practical solutions through cost-effective design, development, and application of information technology.  Fundamentally we challenge ourselves to provide excellent service, deliver professional results, and engage and work with colleagues within and beyond the campus to foster key partnerships.  Strategically we work in support of the university mission and strive to be an essential contributor to the success of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

In support of this mission, we strive to: 

Services Provided:

Information Technology provides a wide range of technology services to SIU students, faculty and staff. They include: