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Enterprise Systems houses campus servers and oversees student, faculty and staff email systems.

Data Center Environmental Upgrades

IT’s Data Center Air Conditioning replacement project began the first week of June, and consisted of building containment walls to protect the running equipment in the Data Center from any dust and/or other particles. Demolition and removal of the first unit to be replaced began upon completion of the containment walls. 

This project will replace two aging Data Center AC units. These units are approximately 35 years old and have far exceeded their serviceable life. The new units can each provide more than twice the cooling capacity than the ones they are replacing.

The new units are designed specifically for Data Center applications. They each can provide 30 tons of cooling (direct expansion units), full humidification and de-humidification controls, higher airflow capacity (CFM), and full-computerized controls all at a higher level of efficiency as compared to the existing units. This project is on track to be completed by mid-summer.

Secondary Data Center Site

Construction is complete on a secondary “mini” data center site. This site consists of a secure room in which a “Liebert Smart Row” environment has been installed. The “Smart Row” consists of three full-sized server and equipment racks, a five-ton air conditioning unit, fire suppression and UPS backup supplied power.

This site will be used to house replicas of mission critical applications and services in the event that the main data center is offline, damaged, or in the worst case, destroyed.