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Network Engineering

Network Engineering/Telecom

Network Engineering provides infrastructure technology for the Campus Area Network. Telecommunications works to keep the campus connected by phone. 

Network Engineering provides a stable, reliable, and robust data network communications infrastructure to SIU students, faculty, and staff. Our team supports all of the academic and administrative functions of the University at the most fundamental level—we provide the secure infrastructure that connects all technology tools and devices across campus, and to the world. We implement, maintain, and support wired and wireless networks. Our professionals consult with other campus units, internal and external, that have an interest in the University network. Report network-related problems to SalukiTech at (618) 453-5155.

Network Engineering is responsible for the design and engineering of new segments of the Campus Area Network (CAN). This includes the installation and testing of new segments, the diagnosis and resolution of infrastructure-related issues, and the maintenance of the equipment and software required to support continuous operation of the CAN. Since reliable “connectivity” is critical to the University’s mission and business, not to mention an expectation of all students, Network Engineering must maintain the current network infrastructure and plan for the University’s anticipated needs five to ten years in advance.