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A group of e-mail scams are active on campus targeting SIU students and employees.  Don't be fooled!  Do not click the link.  Delete the e-mail.

Click here for a list of the current scams we are aware of

If you clicked on the message, please contact SalukiTech at 618-453-5155.

Information Security detects vulnerabilities and intrusions on the network and responds to them in order to correct the vulnerabilities and mitigate the intrusions. We also do a myriad of other activities including network ID security management, campus-wide firewall rule configuration, promotion of awareness of cyber security issues, responding to inquiries, performing security assessments, various types of security analysis, and other security functions.

Our staff is available during normal campus business hours.  Our monitoring equipment and analysis software are active 24/7 and may produce alerts at any time.

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Report Spam Email or 

*DO NOT* respond to the email and report spam email to

Learn more about phishing and scam/spam emails.

Security Incident 

To report a computer security incident, please report in an email to