BigDog High Performance Computing Cluster

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SIU Saluki mascot Grey Dog stands next to the SIU IT Big Dog high performance computing cluster.

Saluki mascot Grey Dawg presents SIU Information Technology's BigDog High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) which is being used to support computationally intensive research activities at the University.  The BigDog HPCC supercomputer has a theoretical speed of 34.7 TeraFLOPS--which is 34.7 trillion floating point operations per second.

BigDog is being used for genome sequencing and for simulations in Physics and Engineering, as well as for other types of research.  BigDog reduces research computational times from days to hours.  BigDog users include research professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  BigDog benefits SIU by supporting existing grants, helping to obtain future grants, supporting research that results in publications, assisting graduate students with thesis and disertation research, and providing a platform for senior research projects.

BigDog went online October, 2015, and underwent several weeks of testing and development.  BigDog is currently in user friendly mode, meaning that IT is creating policies and procedures for using BigDog and working with research faculty to determine and install the appropriate software for SIU's particular research needs.

Email for more information about BigDog.