Campus Wide Printing

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Wireless printing is available to all visitors, students, faculty and staff of SIU. We have printers in over 30 buildings, including Morris Library as well as most computer labs and study areas on campus. These printers are capable of producing up to 110,000 pages per month while maintaining extreme efficiency and energy conservation.

You can print from anywhere on campus, including the residence halls. To use our printers you must have an SIU Network ID and "Debit Dawg" funds added to your student ID card. If you do not, a copy card can be purchased at Morris Library, the Student Center, and some Computer Learning Centers.

You can send your print job from your personal computer in your residence hall room, campus office or your wireless laptop. Your printout will remain in the system for 2 hours. You can then pick up your printout at any of our locations by swiping your Student ID at any release station. 

Setup instructions for wireless printing can be found on our Printing Instructions page. 

  • 47 pages per minute for both black and color printouts
  • Color printing in all locations
  • Printing from wireless or other personal computers on or off campus. Refer to the printing instructions page for details.
  • Debit Dawg printing using your campus ID card