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Raspberry Pi kit with logo

SalukiTech Computer Store Raspberry Pi Bundle ($79.99) includes:

Raspberry Pi 3 model B Raspberry Pi Case
6' HDMI Cable USB Wall Charger
6' Micro USB Charging Cable 8GB Micro SD Card

 Getting Started With the Raspberry Pi Using NOOBS

NOOBS stands for New Out Of Box Software. It is a convient way to get started installing and managing operating systems for your Raspberry Pi. NOOBS allows you to easilly sellect multiple operating systesms, download and install them, and select one you want to use when you turn on your Raspberry Pi. It also lets you open a text editor for the cmdline and config of a selected operating system, and open the Raspberry Pi help page.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspbery Pi is a line of small single-board computers, meaning they are complete computers that are built on a single circuit board. It was initially developed to help easily and affordably teach concepts of computer science. But given the Raspbery Pi's specifications, cost, and strong community the sky is the limit.