Grade Submission Tutorials Available for Faculty

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The Registrar's office has detailed self-training tutorials available here as Flash videos and PDF documents. For example, individual PDF document tutorials are available for:

    • logging into Self-Service Banner
    • viewing class lists
    • entering registration overrides
    • submitting final grades

The screen prints and text below are a complement to – but not a replacement for – the self-training tutorials, simply attempting to show some of what you will see when logging into and navigating through Self-Service Banner. The tutorials will require more of your time, but will be more comprehensive, showing step-by-step how to accomplish the main tasks you will need to do.

You can click on each small image in the left column to bring up a full-size image of the screen print.

Step 1

This is the main login page of SalukiNet. Faculty and staff should have a new Network ID and password, which they will enter in the box at the upper left in order to log into the SalukiNet system.

If the Network ID that you are used to using does not start with "siu85", then you have not yet claimed your new Network ID, which was released on June 15, 2009. You will need to go to NetID first to "claim" your new Network ID.

Step 2

This is the Welcome tab you will come to once you have successfully logged into SalukiNet (though its content may not look exactly like this for you). You probably already realize that this tab is made up of several channels arranged in three columns. The channels on this particular tab are designed to get important news out to the broader campus community of students, faculty, and staff.

As a faculty member, you will be most interested in the MyCourses tab.

Step 3

This is the MyCourses tab. The channel in the upper left is where you will be interacting with the Banner student information system. The first link shown here will take you to the self-training tutorials already mentioned above. The third link will allow you to sign on to the main Banner administrative system if you have access to that system due to your non-faculty responsibilities.

For most faculty, it's the second link that you will be using on a regular basis. This will take you to what we'll call Self-Service Banner (SSB). It is really just a Web browser based presentation of relevant information from the Banner system, so it requires simply an up-to-date Web browser running on any current operating system.

Step 4

Assuming that you did click that second link in the upper left channel, here's the main Self-Service menu. This menu will actually open up in a new tab in your Web browser. Choose the Faculty and Advisors link to get started in SSB.

Step 5

Here's the Faculty and Advisors menu that most faculty should see. Among the links that you will be interested in are Summary Class List, Registration Overrides, and Enter Final Grades. (At this point, we will direct you back to the self-training tutorials. Besides the Flash videos, there are also PDF documents available that contain screen shots of the Flash videos, so we won't duplicate those efforts here.)

Lastly, once you are done with SSB, you can choose from the four options in the upper right corner of the page: you can return to the main menu (from earlier), you can go to a site map of the menus, you can access some context specific help, or you can exit SSB (which will close this tab in your browser for security reasons, leaving you back within the main SalukiNet portal).

New Changes to Entering Grades

The default settings for selecting a grading term has changed and may cause some confusion. In the past, the drop down box for selecting the term has defaulted to the most recent term. However, now if a term is not selected, it defaults to the last term on Banner which may not be accurate. Here is a letter to faculty explaining more about this change: