Email for Graduates

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For those who do not have a SIU Network ID:

  • Sign into NetID.  
  • Click the "Claim your Network ID" button.
  • Using the network ID just created, log in to the Network ID Management System.
  • Click the Create Your email address :
  • Go back to NetID.
  • Click the “Network ID Management System” button in the grey box.
  • Log in using your Network ID and password. Your SIU e-mail address will be created for you within 24 hours in the format  Please know you may no longer customize your e-mail address to something other than your name.

For December 2011 graduates and newer who have Network IDs and existing email addresses:

Your current email address will be maintained.  Should your account lapse and be removed, it cannot be recovered and you will only have access to an e-mail in the current format.

If you have any questions, please contact SalukiTech at (618) 453-5155.

For new graduates, a yearly inquiry will be sent out so that the graduate can indicate whether or not they would like to retain their SIU e-mail address.

Note: Only students with a degree completion will be eligible to retain this address after the normal 6 month grace period.