How to handle Phishing Scam Emails

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*DO NOT* respond to phishing emails!

Phishing Scams

"Phishing" emails try to get users to respond by email or through a website by providing them with personal information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords, etc. In order to reduce the risk of exploitation or damage from receiving a phishing email, we recommend not viewing the message and using the following procedure to report them.

What can I do about Phishing Scams?

The first thing you need to do when receiving an email you believe to be a phishing scam is to change the view of the message to simple or plain text mode and turn off the message or preview pane.

Google has a good page on enabling full headers that covers many email clients. To view, click here

You should still be able to "right-click" the message and forward it without opening to  With a Google Apps email account from SIU, you can also report the message by choosing the option at the top of your inbox to "report as spam." 

*DO NOT* respond to phishing emails!

What if I clicked on a link within a Phishing E-mail? 

Change your password immediately! Then verify that your account is secure by following our e-mail security tutorial. You can also contact SalukiTech at 618-453-5155 for further assistance.