Leaving SIU? What about access to Computing Resources?

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Note: e-mail addresses can be revoked upon request from the department at any time by the fiscal officer. To do so, the fiscal officer must send an e-mail to security@siu.edu.

When you graduate from SIU, you will continue to have access to your SIU email for as long as you choose. A yearly reminder will be sent to verify that you still wish to keep the account.  

  • If you leave SIU without graduating, your e-mail address will exist for 3 months so you may save the messages you wish to keep and alert those of your new address. 
  • Students who have graduated before 1990 must contact the Transcripts office directly for transcripts.

Students graduating after 1990 have access to transcipts through SalukiNet.  If you have an expired password and are unable to get into Salukinet, please visit this page for more instructions.