Need a Digital Signature? How to Create a State of Illinois Entrust PKI Account

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We can now use a digital signature to sign many forms (absence slips, performance evaluations, timesheets etc.) at SIU.  You can apply for a State of Illinois Entrust account for yourself for State and University business. This account allows you to digitally sign e-forms, encrypt and/or digitally sign files, as well as encrypt and/or digitally sign e-mails. The method used for the State of Illinois is generically called Public Key Infrastructure, or PKI.

For a full tutorial on setting up your account, click here

State of Illinois System Advantages: 

  • Common use
  • Forgotten passwords can be recovered
  • Emote key management is relatively easy
  • Encrypted files can be shared among groups. 

State of Illinois System Disadvantages: 

  • Directories cannot be directly encrypted
  • Remote key management requires an online connection.