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 Your Network ID is used to access computing resources on campus such as: SalukiNet, SIU Online (D2L),  Computer Learning Centers' computers, Morris Library computers, wireless networking, VPN and more.

When you first apply to Southern Illinois University, you are issued a Dawg Tag Number, (Ex: 85XXXXXXX) which you will use to claim your Network ID. You will retain your Dawg Tag & Network ID permanently and will be able to access your records (i.e. transcripts) through SalukiNet, even after you leave SIU. 

Note: All SIU Faculty, Staff members and Emeritus also have Dawg Tag Numbers.

Don't know your Dawg Tag? 

Find out by using the Dawg Tag lookup. For students already enrolled, your Dawg Tag is also located on your SIU picture ID. Once you have your Dawg Tag you will need to convert it into your Network ID by claiming it.

Note: Network ID's are always SIU+Dawg Tag number (Ex: SIU85XXXXXXX)

To claim your Network ID (only needs to be done once):

Go to the Network ID Management Page and click "claim" as shown in the tutorial and video below: 

 Claim Network ID

  • If you have already created a Network ID password, you do not need to claim your account again, even if you've forgotten your password or it has expired.
    • Any account that has not been accessed since June 2009 will need to be claimed

Note: Electronic student records were not kept prior to the Fall semester 1990. To access academic information from before Fall 1990, please contact the transcripts office directly. 

What if I forget my password and need to have it reset? 

  • Reset your password by visiting NetID
    • Verify your identity by entering your Network ID, last name, and birthday.
    • Then reset your password by answering your authentication questions, or by having a temporary password emailed or texted to yourself (if you've previously provided this information).

Note: If you received a temporary password, it will only work in the Network ID management system until you change it. Sign into NetID with your temporary password, to create a new password for your account. 

What options do I have if I cannot remember my Network ID Password and cannot answer my security questions?

  • You may call SalukiTech at (618) 453-5155 and speak with a support representative. After verifying your identity, we will reset your password.

Alternatively, if you have access to campus:

  • Come to SalukiTech (First floor of Morris Library) during normal business hours. Be sure to bring a picture ID, preferably your student ID. 
  • Visit one of the Computer Learning Centers (CLCs) and speak with the supervisory staff. Be sure to bring a picture ID, preferably your student ID

When can I create an e-mail address?

Once you are enrolled in classes, an email address will be automatically created for you in the following format:

Note: There is a 24 hour delay between registering for classes and being able to access your email.