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What is a Network ID?

A "Network ID" is the generic name being used to identify the ID that will be used to access SIU network based resources. Resources which currently use the Network ID are dialin, computational, and VPN. Network IDs are assigned automatically and can be claimed by visiting the link below and providine the necessary information.

Network IDs can be obtained by any current faculty, staff, or student. Claiming a Network ID does not require the completion of any paperwork or securing of authorized signatures. Only one Network ID can be claimed by each user.

Network IDs and the ability to access the SIU network-based resources will be available for use by the individual who claimed their account as long as that individual remains employed by or is attending SIU. Once this association no longer exists the network and its access privileges will be removed. The checks for employment or attendance will be conducted twice each year; at the beginning of each fall and spring semesters.

A Network ID is not the same as an email address. When logging into webmail the user also supplies the Network ID instead of the email address (except when using POP or IMAP to download your email through an email client).

Claim and Get a Network ID *Done once - change password below, or contact SalukiTech at 618-453-5155

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Note: If you are requesting a Departmental Network ID, the above link will redirect you to the new request portal. From there, click on "Make Request."