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  • Is there a recommended browser for all the systems? 
    All the Student Information Systems are certified to use Internet Explorer.

    Note: As of Chrome version 42 and Firefox version 53, NPAPI plugin support has been removed. This is what allows the browser to launch the Java plugin required to run applications such as Argos and INB (Banner). Additionally, Microsoft Edge does not include support for ActiveX, which is what Microsoft uses to launch Java. Many computers on campus are running the ESR (extended support release) version of Firefox, which does still support NPAPI. At this time, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer or Firefox ESR when using SIS applications.
  • What version of Java should I use? 
    Java 9 is incompatible with INB. We recommend using Java 8 Update 144 for the best security and compatibility with INB. You can download Java 8 Update 144 for your operating system here.
  • When is your scheduled maintenance time? 
    Scheduled maintenance is from Saturday at 6 p.m. to Sunday at Noon.
  • What if I am an employee and I move to a new department and/or change jobs? 
    Your SIS responsibilities will automatically be revoked 30 days after any one of the changes below. You will need to complete the appropriate the request through the Security Request System to request access for your new responsibilities:
    • You moved to a new department and are now under a new Job classification.
    • You moved to a new department and are now under a new Position classification.
    • You moved to a new department and your Job and Position classifications both changed.