SIU Acceptable Use Policy

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This Acceptable Use Policy or "AUP" specifies that certain actions are prohibited by Southern Illinois University Carbondale or "SIU" for users of: the campus data network, Internet connectivity, research network connectivity, telecommunications or any associated computational resource or service. SIU reserves the right to modify this policy at any time to stay in compliance with all known laws, regulations, policies, and security requirements that are established by appropriate legislative and regulatory authorities or enacted by the SIU administration. By using SIU services any customer, employee or third party unconditionally accepts the terms of this policy.

(Last updated on 02/2014.)

For questions concerning this policy, please contact:
Michael Shelton - Deputy Director, Information Technology Department
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
625 Wham Drive
Carbondale IL 62901

Note: This Acceptable Use Policy was crafted by permission after the Illinois Century Network Acceptable Use Policy at