Network Connection Guidelines

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General Guidelines

As with any computing or communications resources at Southern Illinois University, users must keep in mind the fact that they are bound by the Acceptable Use Guidelines.

Under no circumstances may machines be configured with IP addresses that have not been assigned by Information Technology. By using an unregistered IP address or an IP addressed assigned to another, you may deprive other users of network service and/or make it considerably more difficult to diagnose network problems on the campus network.

Dynamically assigned IP addresses are considered to be "registered" for the period of the dynamic lease to a given machine.

Using a different Ethernet hardware address than is registered with Information Technology will also result in the machine being removed from the network. Users purchasing new Ethernet cards, or who otherwise need to change their hardware address must inform Information Technology in order to ensure that the information listed above is kept accurate and up-to-date.

Using an IP address, which you have not been assigned, or using an Ethernet hardware address, which is different from the one registered with Information Technology is grounds for suspension or loss of your campus network privileges.