RezNet Wired and Wireless Acceptable User Policy

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The residence hall network at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is known as “RezNet” and its purpose is to provide data connectivity for educational and instructional purposes. Access to "RezNet" at SIU Carbondale is a privilege and must be treated as such by all "RezNet" users. Each resident has the responsibility to utilize the service appropriately and incompliance with all University, City, County, State, and Federal laws and regulations. The SIU Carbondale Information Technology Department reserves the right to restrict access without notice and enforce the terms of this policy.

  1. "RezNet" users will not hold SIU liable for malicious acts by other network users.
  2. "RezNet" services (wired and wireless connections) are for the use of SIU residents only.
  3. Commercial or for-profit use of "RezNet" is prohibited.
  4. Each "RezNet" user is responsible for any and all activity associated with their ID.
  5. ID owners are prohibited from sharing their ID and password.
  6. List of Prohibited Network Devices: routers, wireless access points, proxy servers, DSL, modems, gateways or hardware firewalls (software firewalls are allowed).
  7. List of Permitted Network Devices: hubs and switches.
  8. Use of any wireless device such as cordless phones or any other device that interferes with the wireless network is prohibited.
  9. Residents are prohibited from connecting any device other than those specifically allowed in item 7 above.
  10. Hubs, switches or any other devices that includes wireless networking or the functionality of devices in the List of Prohibited Network Devices above must have that functionality disabled or the device removed the network.
  11. Connection sharing software or hardware, such as software that allows the sharing of the wired connection to the wireless connection is prohibited.
  12. Any attempts to impersonate or duplicate the "RezNet" wireless network are strictly prohibited.
  13. It is incumbent upon all "RezNet" users to comply with the security standards enforced on the network.
  14. "RezNet" and bandwidth are shared resources. Consequently, network uses or applications that use excessive bandwidth or otherwise inhibit or interfere with the use of the wired or wireless network by others are not permitted.
  15. Bandwidth is allocated on a per ID basis; meaning each ID is allocated a set amount of bandwidth. The current bandwidth allocation can be found here.
  16. "RezNet" reserves the right to immediately disconnect any computer temporarily if the computer is found to contain malicious software in order to protect the network. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure their computer has current virus protection software installed and operational. The user’s "RezNet" connection will be restored when it has been determined that the user’s computer is completely free of malicious software.
  17. Any personally owned computing equipment or devices that allow sharing of resources must be password protected and restricted to only those individuals who expressly have permission to access that resource.
  18. "RezNet" users are prohibited from accessing a connected resource to which they have not obtained express permission to that resource even when a password is not enforced.
  19. All applicable copyright laws, licenses, etc. apply to "RezNet" use. "RezNet" may only be used for legal purposes. Using "RezNet" to access systems, software and data that the user is not authorized to is a violation of this policy. Sharing any copyrighted material(s) (including MP3 files from copyrighted music, media and digitized video from copyrighted motion pictures, etc.) is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Please see SIU’s “Copyright Infringement Procedures” available at (
  20. "RezNet" may not be used to provide Internet or SIU network access to anyone other than those individuals contractually residing in the SIU residence hall.
  21. Game station systems are permitted but must be registered. Such devices are prohibited from acting as a network routing device or network server for any purpose.
  22. Webcams are permitted for personal use only, for example for peer-to-peer chats. All other use is prohibited.
  23. Any user who circumvents or attempts to circumvent the "RezNet" security systems or any other campus security mechanism will be subject to immediate termination of service and possible disciplinary action.
  24. "RezNet" network software, services and physical media may not be modified or extended; to include wireless access points, wiring, data jacks and/or hardware.
  25. Costs to repair physical damage to the "RezNet" wireless access points, data jacks, conduit, etc. will be charged to the resident(s).
  26. Use of the campus network (SIUNET) and resources, and other networks, to include but not limited to the Internet, and Internet2, must be in compliance with the rules and acceptable use policies of those networks and resources.
  27. "RezNet" users are prohibited from provisioning network services on their privately owned computers, including but not limited to HTTP, Peer-to-peer apps, Chat, DHCP, DNS, FTP, IRC, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, Telnet, WINS, etc.
  28. "RezNet" users are prohibited from probing or data collection on "RezNet".
  29. This policy allows for monitoring of data network traffic/activities by authorized University personnel without prior consent of the originator of said traffic/activity. The Information Technology department reserves the right to immediately disconnect any device that is disrupting the network regardless of cause.
  30. If you suspect unauthorized access or other malicious activity; immediately report the problem to SalukiTech.


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