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Adobe Reader - With this free software, you can view and print Adobe PDF files.

Benthic Software - Golden & Golden View are licensed software that should be purchased directly from Benthic.

  • Golden Software
    • For a reinstall of Golden32, select Golden 5.x version 5.7 (460)
    • For first time installation or if you are upgrading to a Windows 7 computer, select Golden 6.x
  • Goldview Software - select the GoldView32 product from the above download link.

FireFox - Download ESR (Extended Support Release) - English (US) - for Windows.

Java™8   - Required to use AIS application

Java™ 7u80 – For Edwardsville Banner/ImageNow users only.

Oracle Reports - improves viewing and processing of AIS reports when using Microsoft Word

AIS SHA2 CSC (Code Signing Certificate) - inserts the AIS digital certificate into your browser