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This portion of the website was developed for use by new and existing users of AIS, so that they may self-direct their own learning experience.

Please review: How to Use AIS Educational Tutorials. (PDF)  It will give you tips on how to interact with the Viewlet software used to create the AIS Educational Tutorials below.

At the conclusion of each Module, a printable version of the Viewlets' content is available. There will also be a link to notify your AIS Campus/Education Coordinator (NEC) that you have completed the training. Instructions are provided in the tutorials.

A practice training environment is provided for your convenience. Instructions for the training environment are available on each Unit page.

Important: Before performing the steps demonstrated in the modules below at your office location:

1. You must have access to the SIU Intranet.

2. Your PC must have JAVA installed. For instructions on how to install JAVA, click: Instructions to Install Java.

3. Depending on your browser's security settings, you may need to "allow blocked content" to run the Viewlet. For instructions on how to configure your browser, click: AIS Browser Settings.

4. You will need Adobe Reader to view the Printable Versions.

5. An alternate e-mail is required such as Outlook or Thunderbird to open embedded e-mail links.

After completing, Introduction to AIS Educational Tutorials, click the Unit 2: Navigation link below, to begin your AIS self-directed education. (Unit 1 is necessary only if you are a new user).

Important:  As you complete the tutorials in the training units below, you may see links that refer you to an R12 eLearning web page. The links reflect any changes in functional or new functions due to our latest upgrade. However, we are in the process of updating the training accordingly and references to the Release 12 Training page are minimal.