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The Client Relations and Communications Team

The Client Relations and Communications (CRC) team consists of unique people and roles within the Office of Information Technology (OIT). This team brings soft skills such as communication, relationship-building, change management, and user empathy to the technology team. Our first task: to engage and build relationships with campus constituents. We then help OIT tell its best story. We lead communication efforts about OIT initiatives to prepare the campus community for technology change. We provide the information and tools needed to foster technology adoption with a degree of confidence and comfort. We share OIT’s successes with both campus and external constituents.


To present technology initiatives with such finesse that average people anticipate the change with excitement, and incorporate the tool with comfort and confidence.


Client Relations and Communications (CRC) precedes OIT technology initiatives with efforts intended to build trust in the Office of Information Technology and the tools it brings to the campus. CRC fosters relationships, provides information, and manages change to reduce the anxiety associated with technology adoption and increase confidence in our new technology systems. Ultimately, we aim to build excitement about and appreciation of new technology systems.