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Changes have been made. Easier and safer login for many SIU systems.


The Office of Information Technology has made the way you sign in easier and more secure. If you have been part of the SIU campus community, you will have already noticed changes to the way you sign in to SIU software and systems. Where you once used your Network ID as your username, you now sign on using your SIU email address. Eventually signing in using your email address will be the standard. We have also added "multi-factor authentication"--a two-step verification process--to confirm you are YOU.
Multi-factor authentication was the last step in this series of changes, and is critical to the security of your personal information and SIU's institutional systems. MFA is now required to access SIU systems and software.


Changes to HOW YOU SIGN IN

Credential changes and SSO make sign-on easier.

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We have moved to Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Frequenly asked questions

Answers to common questions and example scenarios. 

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