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SIU is currently transitioning to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). As we go through this process, we understand that there will be questions about how this impacts YOU. To provide clarity, we have compiled a list of common questions and scenarios below. If you have more questions or would like assistance, please contact SalukiTech at 618/453-5155 or through the live-chat on this page.

Who will be eligible for early opt-in?
Faculty, AP staff, civil service, extra help, volunteers, and enrolled students are eligible. The opt-in period will begin after August 7, 2020 and will end in January 2021. After this early enrollment period ends, these groups will be required to use MFA.

If you are currently using VPN or MFA, you will not need to opt-in. Since you are a current user, you will continue to use MFA in the same way you do now, but with additional SIU systems and software.

Who will need to use Multi-Factor Authentication?
Starting in January 2021, all SIU faculty, staff, and enrolled students will be required to use MFA. The following groups are currently required to use MFA and will:

  • VPN users
  • BigDawg HPC users
  • Anyone with an existing MFA (DUO) account, such as those required to use DUO at their work station or server login

How often will I need to authenticate using my SIU credentials and MFA?
Single Sign-on (SSO) and MFA work together to authenticate your identity when you login. You will not receive a MFA prompt every time you login. Instead, the MFA process will prompt you periodically to further verify your identity.

I don't know my SIU email address, and can't log in. How do I find out what it is?
In your browser, go to and log in using your Network ID (SIU85XXXXXXX) and password. If it does not automatically open, click on the "My Profile" tab and look for the username field. Your email address is listed there and is what you will use to log in.

Why don't I see the DUO Security tab when I log into NetID?
If you don't see the DUO Security option, it could be because you are not currently eligible for MFA (DUO). This option is only available for current faculty, staff, volunteers, and enrolled students.

If you are in one of these groups, but don't have DUO the option, please contact SalukiTech for assistance.

How do I use VPN after the Single Sign-On change?
Your VPN access will remain unchanged since VPN is already part of Single Sign-On. You will need to provide your SIU credentials, as usual, and use MFA (DUO) to log into VPN.

If you access an SSO/MFA application while using VPN, you will be required to enter your SIU credentials and MFA again.

I can't reset my password. I get this message: "We're sorry. You can't reset your password because password writeback..."
To regain access to your account, go to You will need your Network ID to sign in. When prompted for your password, choose one of these options: 

  • Forgot your password? (Answer your secret questions)
  • Forgot your password? (PIN password reset) 

Then follow the steps. You will need your Dawg Tag if you choose the PIN password reset option. 

I can't login and receive this error: "The requested fedation realm object does not exist." 
Try closing your browser and rebooting your computer. If that does not resolve the problem, clear your browser cache using the steps found here.