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Complete list of LAN Administrators

If you are the designated LAN Administrator for your department and your name is not on this list, your department head must send an email to authorizing us to place your name on the list and to remove any existing name.

Department Name Email
Accounting Services & Accounts Payable Trent McKay
Air Force ROTC Vacant
AIS Vacant
Alumni Association Grant Bredar
Anthropology, Center for Archaeological Investigations Eric Evans
Applied Arts Nathan Black
Applied Sciences and Arts Nathan Black
Army ROTC Vacant
Art & Design Mike Harrell
Athletics Larry Runge
Automotive Technology Taylor Calloni
Aviation Management & Flight Taylor Calloni
Aviation Technologies Taylor Calloni
Budget Office Trent McKay
Bursar's Office Paul West
Jennifer Stillman
Kevin Mayberry
Center for English as a Second Language Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Center for Environmental Health and Safety Trent McKay
Center for Teaching Excellence  Jay Spolarich
Center for Workforce Development Robert Marlow
Chancellor Jay Spolarich
Cinema & Photography Kevin Penrod
Clinical Center Jooil Lee
Coal Research Center Vacant
College of Agriculture Tugi
College of Business Bruce Fisher 
College of Education 

Fred Hees
Jooil Lee
Jordan Johnson
College of Engineering  John Brajkovich
Benjamin McGuire
College of Liberal Arts Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
College of Mass Communication and Arts Kevin Penrod
College of Science  Tom Harbert
Communication Studies  Laura Sims
Computer Science  Michael Barkdol
Tom Harbert
Constituent Relations and Special Events Vacant
Criminology and Criminal Justice Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Daily Egyptian Vacant Vacant
Dean of Students Amy Rendleman
Department of Public Safety Bernadette Barnes
Disabled Student Support Services Amy Rendleman
Diversity John Janecek
DxR Development Group Robert Wright
Dunn-Richmond Jay Spolarich
Economic and Regional Development Jay Spolarich
Economics Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
English Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Enrollment Management Amy Rendleman
Exploratory Student Advisement/Saluki First Year (formerly Center for Basic Skills)  Amy Rendleman
Extended Campus Jonathan Cohen
Family and Community Medicine Ryan Seaton
Fisheries Vacant
Foreign Languages and Literature Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Geography Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Geology Tom Harbert
Global Media Research Center Kevin Penrod
Eric Rowan
Mark Stoffel
Graduate School Amy Rendleman
Head Start John Janecek
Housing Jeffery Miller 
Kita Sherrill
Human Resources, Payroll Trent McKay
Institutional Advancement  Grant Bredar
Institutional Research  Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
IGERT Girymay Misgna
Mathematics Tom Harbert
Military Programs Vacant
Morris Library Rich Beach
Motorcycle Rider Program Jay Spolarich
New Media Center (CMCMA) Eric Rowan
New Media Center (COLA) Eric Rowan
New Safety Center Jay Spolarich
Nursing Jay Spolarich
Office of Sponsored Projects and Administration Amy Rendleman
Philosophy Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Physicians Assistance Program  Toby Jones
Physics Bob Baer 
Tom Harbert
Plant and Service Operations Chris Gaetner
Luke Schemonia
Political Science Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
President's Office Steven Zak
Procurement Trent McKay
Professional Constituencies Office Amy Rendleman
Property Control, Surplus Trent McKay
Provost  Jay Spolarich
Psychology Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Public Policy Institute  Melissa Pierce
Radio & Television Mark Stoffel
Rainbow's End Thomas Underwood
School of Architecture  Scott Frisch
School of Law Benjamin Swayne
School of Medicine Andrew Johnson
Paul Fleming 
Shryock Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
SIU Foundation Grant Bredar
SIU Press Rich Beach
Sociology Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Student Center Bill Bruns
Steven Ginn
Student Health Center Jason Phillips
Chris Woodruff
Candice Goins 
Student Legal Amy Rendleman
Student Recreation Center Thomas Underwood
Student Rights and Responsibilities  Amy Rendleman
Transportation Education Center (TEC) Vacant
Theater Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Touch of Nature Thomas Underwood
University Career Services Amy Rendleman
University College Amy Rendleman
University Communications  Jessica Mann
University Museum Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
University Water Resources Tobias Merriman
Eric Evans
Vice Chancelor for Administration and Finance  Trent McKay
Web Services Alexis Ray
Wildlife Research Laboratories Vacant
WSIU, Broadcasting (PBS Channel 8) Juli Roznowski
Zoology Tom Harbert