DNS Service

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Network Engineering manages the Domain Name System for Southern Illinois University.  DNS coverts textual names such as "siu.edu" into IP addresses and vice versa.  

Below is the list of DNS servers to be used on the SIU campus:


Network Engineering maintains the DNS records. All requests, and changes must be registered with Network-Engineering. Adherence to the preceding conditions helps to avoid conflicts and other connectivity problems for campus users.

IP and subnet requests are accepted from the LAN admin or IT Technical contact for the department listed here. If you would like to submit a DNS request for your department on campus, please send an e-mail to salukitech@siu.edu and network-engineering@siu.edu with the following information.

  • Name of the end use or service requesting
  • Name of the LAN Admin or IT Technical contact for Department
  • Name of Department on Campus
  • Phone Number
  • Type of Request: DNS
  • Hostname preference
  • Description of service
  • VLAN or Subnet information if available