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RezNet is the name given to the residence hall network at SIU.

Residents should connect any devices capable of WPA2-Enterprise encryption to the "eduroam" network (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.). Any devices that cannot use WPA2-Enterprise but can use WPA2-Personal (PSK) encryption should use the "SIU-limited" network (game consoles, network TVs, streaming media devices). Wired network connectivity is available for devices that are not wireless capable. See the instructions for more information.

List of buildings covered by RezNet

East Campus

  • Mae Smith
  • Neely
  • Schneider
  • University Hall
  • Wall & Grand Apartments

Thompson Point

  • Abbott
  • Bailey
  • Baldwin
  • Bowyer
  • Brown
  • Felts
  • Kellogg
  • Pierce
  • Smith
  • Steagall
  • Warren