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This page describes how to install and configure Cisco AnyConnect on Android devices. Cisco allows you to securely sign into your VPN connection. Before installing Cisco, make sure you have completed the VPN request process and have approval for VPN access.

If you have any questions or need technical support, please contact SalukiTech by email at or over the phone at 618/453-5155.

VPN Instructions and Request Form

1. Search for and download AnyConnect ICS+ in the Google Play store.

2. Open the AnyConnect client application on your phone or tablet.

3. Select the Connection option.

Cisco VPN - Android 1

4. Select the Add New VPN Connection option, located under the Advanced Preferences heading.

Cisco VPN - Android 2

5. Select the Server Address option.

Cisco VPN - Android 3

6. Enter into the blank field and select the OK option.

Cisco VPN - Android 4

7. Select the Back arrow to the left of the Advanced Preferences heading.

Cisco VPN - Android 5

8. At the initial AnyConnect client screen, select the switch to turn the VPN on. By default, it will be turned Off.

Cisco VPN - Android 6

9. You should see a screen similar to the following with a message warning, Untrusted VPN Server! Select the Change Settings option.

Cisco VPN - Android 7

10. At the Settings screen, uncheck the box next to the Block Untrusted Servers option.

Cisco VPN - Android 8

11. At the initial AnyConnect client screen, press the Off switch to turn the VPN on.

Cisco VPN - Android 6

12. You should see a prompt similar to the following, warning about an untrusted certificate. Select the Details option.

Cisco VPN - Android 9

13. You will be taken to the Certificate Summary screen. Select the Import and Continue option at the bottom of the screen.

Cisco VPN - Android 10

14. At the prompt which follows, enter your SIU network ID and password (siu85XXXXXXX) into the Username and Password fields.

15. For the Second Password field, enter one of the following options:

  • push = Send a push notification to the DUO app on your phone.
  • sms = Send a SMS message with a code to your phone.
  • XXXXXX = six-digit code generated by the DUO app on your phone.

Note: DUO Push notifications are the preferred method of authentication. Duo is a mobile app for your iphone or Android device that allows you to approve or deny login attempts. To use this option, you must first install DUO onto your mobile device.


Cisco VPN - Android 13

16. Click the Connect button at the bottom of the Cisco AnyConnect window.

17. If you chose the DUO/push option, you should receive a DUO notification on your phone that allows you to Approve or Deny the sign-in request. Select Approve and return to Cisco.

18. Press the "Connect" option after entering all of your information.

19. You should now be connected to the SIUC Cisco VPN. You can verify this by the status of the connection displayed to the left of the On switch, which in this case displays Connected.

Cisco VPN - Android 14


Optional Steps for Additional Security

20. At the AnyConnect home screen, select Menu and then Settings.

Cisco VPN - Android 11

21. At the Settings screen, check the box next to Block Untrusted Servers.

Cisco VPN - Android 12