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This process should be performed on the machine you will be using remotely (at home) to access your University work machine.

This page describes how to install and configure Cisco AnyConnect on Linux clients.

**Please be sure you have completed the VPN Registration process before proceeding!**

SIUC Cisco VPN - Registration Process

Step 1: Download the Cisco AnyConnect client installer for Linux here:

**If you don't have Sun Java it will just sit at the Java Detection step**

Cisco VPN - AnyConnect Installer

**You will need to log in using your SIU network ID (siu85XXXXXXX) and password to access the download.**

Step 2: Open a terminal with sudo privileges.

Step 3: Change directories to the same location where you downloaded the AnyConnect installer file.

Step 4: Enter the command chmod +x to grant executable permission to the file you downloaded.

Step 5: Enter the command sh ./ to install the Cisco AnyConnect client.

Step 6: Navigate to your programs and run the Cisco AnyConnect client. You should see a window which resembles the following:

Cisco VPN - Anyconnect Client

Step 7: Type the URL "" into the Connect to: field.

Step 8: Click the "Connect" button at the bottom of the window.

Step 9: You should see a window which resembles the following, prompting you for logon credentials:

Cisco VPN - Linux Anyconnect Connection

Step 10: Enter your SIU network ID (siu85XXXXXXX) in the Username: field.

Step 11: Enter your SIU network ID password in the Password: field.

Step 12: In the Second Password field, type one of the following options:

  • push = Send a push notification to the DUO app on your phone
  • sms = Send an SMS message with a code to your phone
  • XXXXXX = The 6-digit code generated by the DUO app on your phone

**DUO Push notifications are the preferred method of authentication**

Step 13: Click the "Connect" button at the bottom of the Cisco AnyConnect window.

Step 14: If the primary authentication is successful, you should receive a DUO notification on your phone that looks similar to the following:

DUO Login Request

Step 15: You are given the option to Approve or Deny the login. Click "Approve" if the request on your phone is from a recognized source.

Step 16: You should now be logged into the SIUC Cisco VPN. The Cisco AnyConnect client will show a window similar to the following, listing the details of your VPN connection.

Cisco VPN - Anyconnect Linux Success