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To access the BigDog Account Request Form, please click HERE.

Use the BigDog Account Request Form to request a new account, delete an account, get a password reset, or change the disk quota.  More information about each of these is below.

Please email if you have any questions or need assistance.

Creating a New BigDog Account

Anyone doing research at SIU may use the BigDog Account Request Form to request a BigDog account, including faculty, staff, and students.  (An SIU network account is required to access the form.)  Examples of people with BigDog accounts include faculty preparing for publication, grant application, and grant fulfillment; researchers working on grants; graduate students doing master's and Ph.D. research and working as Research Assistants; and, undergraduate students doing senior projects.  BigDog projects typically consist of computations that would take several days on a desktop computer; and, projects that benefit by parallel and distributed computing.  BigDog uses command line (text mode) CentOS Linux and does not run Windows Operating System programs.  BigDog is centrally funded by SIU, managed by the Office of Information Technology, and is provided free to University researchers in all areas of the University.

New BigDog users will receive 30-60 minutes of in-person training by IT Research Computing before receiving their new accounts.  After your new account is created, you will be provided with a username and initial password.  Change the initial password during your first login.

Deleting a BigDog Account

You can also use the BigDog Account Request Form to delete an account.  An account should be deleted when a student graduates, leaves the University, or is no longer associated with a research project.  Faculty and staff should delete their accounts when they leave the University.  Accounts which are not used for a period of time, such as a year, may be deleted automatically by IT.

Resetting a BigDog Account Password

You can also use the BigDog Account Request Form to reset a forgotten password.  You will be provided with a new temporary password by IT after the password has been reset.

About Disk Quotas

You can also use the BigDog Account Request Form to request a change in your disk quota.  Your disk quota is the amount of hard disk space that your are allowed to use on BigDog.  A disk quota is necessary because of the large number of BigDog users, many of whom are running programs on BigDog at the same time.  Your original disk quota will probably be approximately 10 GB.  If the total size of your input, processing, and output files is larger than 10 GB, then you should request a larger disk quota that is as large as the maximum disk space that you expect that your project might need.  IT Research Computing staff will assist you on request in determing how large a disk quota should be.  This will also be discussed during your initial BigDog training.

Most people keep their BigDog files in the "home" directory and so most disk quotas will apply to the "home" directory.  Some BigDog users run their projects in the "scratch" directory, which is like a temporary directory in other operating systems.  People who use the "scratch" directory may want to specify the "scratch" directory when requesting an increase in their disk quota.  If you are not sure whether to request a disk quota for "home" or "scratch", ask us at