Kuali Coeus Project

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What is Kuali Coeus?

The Kuali Coeus (KC) for Research Administration is an open-source comprehensive system to manage the complexities of research administration needs from the faculty researcher through grants administration to federal funding agencies. KC is using MIT's proven COEUS system as its baseline design, updating its technical architecture for vendor independence and integration with other administration systems. The system is web-based, scalable, and highly-configurable to attend to the specialized needs of higher education institutions.

Coeus is an electronic research administration system developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Named after the Greek titan of intelligence, Coeus was one of the first cradle-to-grave award management systems in the nation. The purpose of the system is to standardize processes with pre- and post-award modules that are designed to assist the research community in proposal development, log and track submitted proposals, and streamline award acquisition and management for all participants contributing to the research enterprise with the post-award modules.

The pre-award module (Proposal Development) allows for the preparation of electronic proposals (new or copied from prior works), routing to obtain internal approvals, and system-to-system submission to sponsors.

Post-award, the robust Award Module stores detailed information on awards, terms and conditions, reporting requirements, as well as the required special reviews for the award.

SIU Coeus

The RCC team is working with the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) to develop Kuali Coeus and make it as the enterprise system for the SIU electronic research administration.