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Printing Instructions

Campus-Wide printing offers a convenient touch screen interface at each printing station. Documents can be sent to the print queue by using campus computers or wirelessly through your personal devices. Printing is paid for using the Debit Dawg funds on your Southern Illinois University Carbondale student ID card. Funds can be added to your card using any of the Debit Dawg machines around campus, or online through SalukiNet. A copy card may also be purchased from the Debit Dawg kiosk on the first floor of Morris library for indivuals without a Student ID card.

1. After you have selected “Print” on your computer (whether you are printing a webpage, document, slideshow presentation, etc.) a Pharos popup screen will appear.

Pharos Popup

2. The popup asks you to enter your SIU ID (SIU85XXXXXXX) and a unique name for your print job. All print jobs are sent to the same queue, meaning if you and another person have a print job called “Document1” it will be difficult to distinguish which one is yours.

Enter your Network ID and unique job name

Note: If you are using a Copy Card then enter “Guest” in the SIU ID field.

  1. Click “Print” at the bottom right of the popup and walk over to the printer.
  2. The printer has a tablet release station connected to it. Tap the tablet screen to get started.
  3. Swipe your Debit Dawg or Copy Card.
  4. Select your print job from the list and tap the “Print” button.

If you experience any problems, please refer to the “Printing Problems” tab at the top of this page.