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Managing Touchless Print Jobs

After you have sent your document (webpage, document, presentation slides, etc.) to be printed, you will have the option to print your documents without ever having to touch the printer. Follow the instructions below to learn how. 

1. Make sure your device is connected to “eduroam." If you are not connected, this process will not work.


2. Using your device's camera or other QR scanning app, scan the code located near the printer. Open the webpage when prompted.


3. Once you are brought to, sign in using your SIU85XXXXXXX and the password associated with your account.


4. If you have any jobs pending, they will all be selected by default and printed at the same time. You will recieve a pop-up such as the one below:


5. Press Confirm to print your all of your documents. If you have multiple documents in the queue, but only want to print specific ones, continue to step 6. Otherwise, your print job is complete! 

6. If you have more than one pending print job and do not want them all to print at the same time, tap the cancel button. When prompted, select the documents you would like to print. At the bottom of your screen, press “Select a printer” and either using the magnifying glass or scrolling, find the name that is next to the QR code you scanned, then press “Print”.