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Section I: Popup Client

1. After selecting 'Print' on your computer, you will be prompted with the Pharos popup client as shown below. 

Pharos Print Job Details

2. ​​​If you are using your Debit Dawg account, simply enter your Network ID (SIU85xxxxxxx) and a unique name for your print job as shown below. 

Guest Printing Screen

3. If you are using a Copy Card or a library Guest Card then you will enter 'Guest' in the Network ID field and a unique name for your print job as shown below. 

Printing Popup

4. It is strongly recommended that when using 'Guest' to use your name (LastnameFirstname) as the name for your print job. This will make it easier to identify your print job from all the other jobs listed under 'Guest'. 

NOTE: Do not use anyone else's card! Use only your Debit Dawg card or a Copy Card that you purchased! 

Section II: Printing 

Every printer is equipped with a release station. You will log into this station in order to pay for and recieve your print job. The following steps outline how to use the printing system. 

1. If the release station is on the screen saver, simply tap on the screen to get started. 

2. Swipe your Debit Dawg or Copy Card. 

3. Select your print job and tap the 'Print' button to recieve your print job. 

Section III: Errors

Should you encounter any errors while trying to use the printing system do not attempt to perform any troubleshooting! 

If you are in Morris Library, contact the SalukiTech Walk-In Center located on the first floor by the Information Desk.

If you are in any of the CLCs or other computer labs located around campus, contact the lab staff for assistance.

If you encounter an error at the release station please see our FAQs for allowed paper sizes and what the error means.

If you lost money and would like to receive a refund, please visit this page and fill out all of the required information.

More information may be found on the CWPS homepage. For any questions or concerns you can send an email to or contact SalukiTech at 453-5155.