Syncing With One Drive

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Below is a tutorial on how to sync your One Drive account using Google or Mozilla Firefox. 

Step 1: Type "" into the URL bar. 

Type as url

Step 2: Enter your SIU Network ID, which is “siu” followed by your Dawg Tag. For example, if your Dawg Tag is 851234567, then the Network ID is: siu851234567. Then enter your personal SIU Network Password.

(Google Chrome)

Google Chrome Sign in

(Mozilla Firefox)

Mozilla Firefox Sign in

Step 3: Click on this button in the top-left corner of the webpage.

Click tile button in top left corner

Step 4: Click on the OneDrive button on the drop-down menu.

Click OneDrive button

Note: These are the files that are stored in OneDrive that you can later sync to your computer.

Files stored in One Drive

Step 5: Select the files you wish to sync. You can select as many as you want, and you don’t have to select all of them.

Select files to sync

Step 6: Click on the “Sync” button.


Step 7: Click on the “Sync Now” button.


Step 8: If you wish to change where the files will be stored on your computer, click on the “Change” button. This will bring you to windows explorer and have you select which folder you would like to put the files in.

If you don’t want to change this, move on to the next step.

Change where files are stored

Step 9: Click on the “Sync Now” button.


Step 10: Your files are now being synced to your computer, if you would like to view the folder in which they are placed, click on the “Show my files…” button.


Note: This is what it should look like. The OneDrive folder can be found in the favorites tab on the left-hand side of the window.

Synced OneDrive example view

Congratulations! You have now synced your OneDrive and your computer!