SalukiNet Proxy PIN Reset

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1. Go to the Proxy Login page and enter your email address. Click the “Forgot PIN” button on the bottom left-hand side.Proxy Login

2. Once you have selected "Forgot PIN" you will receive an e-mail with reset instructions. Check your email.Forgot PIN Confirmation Page

3. The e-mail from will contain a link to reset your password. Copy and paste that link into a new tab.Picture of E-mail Sent with Password Link

4. The page will look like the one shown below. It will ask for an “Action Password." Refer back to your email. A temporary password has been included.SalukiNet Action Password Screenshot

5. Copy the action password.E-mail from SIU with Action Password (or old pin)

6. Paste the action password into the box on the previous tab and press "Submit".SalukiNet Action Password

7. Re-enter your email address. Where it says “Enter Old PIN” paste the temporary password you copied from the email. Then enter a New PIN that is at least 8 characters long. Press "Save".SalukiNet PIN Reset Page - Enter E-mail address, old PIN and then the newly selected PIN

8. A confirmation page should state that your PIN has been saved successfully.Confirmation of PIN Change

Questions or problems with the above? Please contact SalukiTech at 618-453-5155