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Service Description

SalukiTech Campus-Wide Printing Services (CWPS) provides and maintains printers for use by students, as well as faculty and staff. These printers are conveniently located in more than 30 locations across campus—including public spaces and campus housing. You may print to any of the CWPS computers from any University-owned or personal device as long as you have access to the SIU eduroam network. You may send a print job from off campus if you have VPN access. No matter where you are working, you can queue your print job and then pick it up at any CWPS station on campus. And, don’t worry about privacy! CWPS printing requests are held in a virtual print queue until you arrive at the print station and start the job. All CWPS printers accept Debit Dawg. 

You can also request access from your desktop support team to connect your SIU computer to a network printer in your department.