Personal Account Services

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Personal Account Services

Request services and assistance with personal identities and personal account needs. This includes SIU Network ID services, email allocations, and individual portal systems like MoveIT, Digital Signatures, and personal information requests.


Network ID

Your personal Network ID helps identify who are, as well as, granting you access to a variety of SIU systems and services.

Have a Network ID question or need assistance? Submit a request.

Secure Digital File Transfer

Request assistance with secure digital file transfer.


Request assistance with your SIU Email account.


Request assistance or report a problem with the HR Self-Service system.


Request assistance with your Salukinet account.

Preferred Name Change

A preferred name is a first name (i.e., given name) that you may choose to have used instead of your legal first name in instances where the University does not require the legal first name.  These include class rosters, grade reports, unofficial transcripts, and directory listings.

Request a change to your Preferred Name.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Request assistance with your OneDrive Cloud storage.

AD Account

Request assistance with your Active Directory (AD) Account.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Request assistance with Identity and Access Management (IAM) assistance.

Digital Signatures

Request assistance with digital signatures.