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The Banner eLearning program has been developed so that end users may access interactive tutorials to self-direct their own training, when appropriate. The self-directed tutorials are structured into Units, Modules, and Learning Cycles. The first unit structured in this format is Banner Overview and Basic Navigation. This unit provides end users with system concepts and tips on basic usage.

Prior to beginning the first unit, please review Introduction to Banner Tutorials. It will give you tips on how to interact with the Viewlet software used to create the Banner eLearning tutorials.

At the conclusion of some of the tutorials, there may be a link provided to a Job Aid that gives more detail to a topic that can be included in the Viewlet. Some tutorials may also include a Printable Version that lists step-by-step instructions on how to perform the task covered in the Learning Cycle.

After completing Introduction to Banner Tutorials, click the Unit 1: Banner Overview and Basic Navigation link below, to begin your self-directed training. Banner Overview and Basic Navigation is a prerequisite for all other Banner training whether it be self-directed, web-based; or formal, instructor-led in a computer lab. Upon completion of Unit 1, proceed to Unit 2: Banner 101.

IMPORTANT: Before access to INB is granted, you must complete the pre-requisite training found below.

Unit 1: Banner Overview & Basic Navigation

Unit 2: Banner 101 - General Person Navigation

Request access to INB by clicking on Security Request System