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The Banner Overview & Basic Navigation Unit is a series of educational tutorials available for users who access the Banner Student Information System. This basic unit has been developed to help you become familiar with navigating through Banner prior to any hands-on training that may be required.

Being familiar with the concepts presented here, prior to attending any other Banner training, may help relieve some of the apprehension you may be feeling due to the implementation of the new system. Do not worry, you are not alone; it is normal to resist change. We hope that providing this basic unit of instruction, in this fashion, will aid in a more enjoyable, beneficial learning experience. You may want to bookmark this page for future visits.

Most of the tutorials are five to ten minutes in length and can be completed at your convenience. It is recommended that you view the tutorials in the order listed; they may be repeated as often as necessary. When you have completed all of the eLearning material, click on the "Wrap it Up" link at the bottom of the page, to verify completion of the materials. If you have problems with the "Wrap it Up" section, contact us via e-mail: to report your problem.

Begin by clicking: Banner Overview.

After completing the Banner Overview, click on the Module 1: Getting Started Overview link. Upon completion of the Module 1 Overview, click on each of the Learning Cycle links within Module 1.

Upon completion of the last Learning Cycle in Module 1, proceed to Module 2: General Menu Navigation Overview and then each of the Learning Cycles within Module 2. Proceed in this fashion until you have completed all Modules within the Unit.

Completion of this unit is mandatory.

Important: SIU implemented an Identity Management System (IDM); your Network ID/Username is now SIU850000000. These tutorials were created prior to the implementation of IDM; as a result, the Network IDs/Usernames in these tutorials will reflect the previous syntax, e.g., cthies, jcapie, etc. Please keep this in mind as you view the tutorials.

Module 1:    Getting Started Overview

Module 2:    General Menu Navigation Overview

Module 3:    About Banner Forms Overview

Module 4:    Getting Around in Overview

Module 5:    Finding Data Overview

Module 6:    Using Help Overview

Module 7:    Additional Information Overview

Supplemental Materials - A compilation of all Job Aids and Printable Versions for Unit1


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