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  • I need Argos access. Where do I start? 
    Start by reviewing at our eLearning pages for Argos. Before requesting access to Argos, you must complete Module 1: Argos Reporting Tool Overview. Make sure you complete the "Wrap It Up" section at the end of the module. This lets us know you have completed the module and are eligible for access.
  • How do I request access to Argos? 
    Please use our Security Request System and choose Argos as the module you would like to request. The link of the Security Request System can be found in the Quicklinks section on the right.
  • What ID and password do I use for Argos? 
    Your network ID and your network password are used in Argos. 
  • When I attempt to start Argos, the "Argos: Enterprise Reporting Solution" screen appears along with a little rotating circle and the message "Loading..." but nothing seems to happen after that. What should I do? 
    You will normally receive this message if Java is not properly detected on your computer. (You can verify if Java is properly detected by going here and follow the instructions. If you receive a message that Java is not working, then you have found the problem.) Please install or have your LAN Admin install Java on your computer. Note: Java 9 is not compatible with all SIS applications.