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  • How do I request access to BDMS (also known as Xtender)? 
    Please use our Security Request System and choose Xtender as the module you would like to request. The link of the Security Request System can be found in the Quicklinks section on the right.
  • What ID and password do I use for BDMS? 
    BDMS uses your INB username and password. You must have an INB user account to use BDMS.
  • This is my first time logging into Image Capture, Document Manager, or Web Access and it says login denied. What should I do? 
    Before you log into any of the environments of the Banner Document Management System for the first time, you must synchronize your password with INB. To learn how to do this, please review Synchronizing Banner INB and Xtender Passwords.
  • Will I have to synchronize my password every time I change it in INB? 
  • The first time I click query result in Web Access a message appears and asks me to download something. What should I do? 
    You may have the interactive client viewer set to be your default viewer. Choose ACCEPT to allow it to download and install.
  • Web Access does not display images, documents, or thumbnails and will not prompt to install the ActiveX control or will fail. What should I do? 
    Make sure the user is an administrator of the PC. The ActiveX control is trying to install .dll files and administrator access is required to do this.
  • I am in INB and click on the BDMS Retrieve Document icon and nothing happens. 
    Your pop-up blocker might be stopping the new page to appear. Try adding *.siu and *.siuc to the trusted sites of Internet Explorer.
  • My batch status says I am scanning or indexing and it will not let me do anything. What should I do? 
    Your batch needs to be reset. Please send an email to and let them know the name and the time of the batch. We can then reset it back to idle for you.
  • What character can I use for a wildcard when querying in Web Access? 
    The asterisk *
  • Is there a way to make scanner configuration changes save in Image Capture and Document Manager? 
    If scanner settings are not saving, it is usually because you are not an administrator on the PC. The LAN Admin may need to modify your permissions on the workstation you use for scanning.