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  • How do I request access to Workflow? 
    Please use our Security Request System and choose Workflow as the module you would like to request. The link of the Security Request System can be found in the Quicklinks section on the right.
  • What ID and password do I use for Workflow? 
    Workflow uses your INB username and password. You must have an INB user account to use Workflow.
  • Why do I have to click a worklist item twice to get it to launch an INB form? 
    If this session of workflow has already launched an INB form and you have subsequently closed that INB session, worklist items may require two clicks before executing.
  • Why do I have multiple INB sessions opening from Workflow? 
    If your current INB session is on the main form (GUAGMNU) when you try to launch an INB form from Workflow, a second session of INB will open.
  • Why does Workflow open an INB session when I already have an INB session open? 
    When a worklist item launches an INB form, the INB session must be initiated from Workflow. Otherwise, the Workflow Submit and Release icons on the toolbar are not available.
  • Why does Workflow automatically log me into INB but require that I provide login credentials into BDMS? 
    At this time BDMS does not utilize an enterprise access manager. A future release of BDMS will include this feature. Until this time, ID and password credentials are required when accessing BDMS from Workflow.
  • What should I do when INB and Workflow become very slow and/or unresponsive? 
    Please make sure you only have one Workflow session open and one INB session open. Close any unused Oracle Fusion Middleware Form Services in your web browser. A logout of all INB and Workflow sessions and closure of all Oracle Fusion Middleware Form Services sessions may be required.
  • Why doesn't Workflow launch my INB form? 
    Please confirm that your pop-up blocker has * to this list of allowed sites. You might be hearing a clicking sound and see a red exclamation point with a yellow sunburst over the cursor if the pop-up blocker is blocking the site.