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Many systems comprise the Student Information System. The terminology for these systems and the related use may not be familiar to you. We encourage you to use this page to learn more about each system and how each is used within the Student Information System. 

To access these systems, use the links under Login Quicklinks located on the right-hand side of the screen. If you should experience problems with access, please read our FAQ's located at the top of this page. 

Applications Manager

Applications Manager (formerly known as Appworx) is an administrative automation tool with which INB users can schedule and run jobs. Applications Manager is available for use by authorized SIU employees who are INB users and who need to process batch jobs. 

With Applications Manager you can:

  • Schedule and run jobs (custom written programs) that require data manipulation in a specific order
  • Submit multiple requests, or set up a job stream for processing
  • Set complex dependencies between jobs
  • Easily check where your jobs are in the queue


Argos (Ad Hoc Report Generation and Output Solution) is a reporting tool that is able to create reports from our production and ODS/EDW databases.

Report writers can create reports from simple ad-hoc queries to advanced dashboards and data cubes. End users can easily execute a predefined report.

Banner Document Manager System

Banner Document Manager System (formerly known as Xtender) is a document management system used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.

Documents are scanned or imported into BDMS and then indexed. The indexing process labels the documents, usually with values that tie to information in INB and the database.

There are three ways to access BDMS:

  • Web Access can be used to query forms and view documents. It is the quickest tool for BDMS since it doesn't require a desktop installation.
  • Image Capture is a desktop installation designed to scan documents in batch.
  • Document Manager is a desktop installation intended for heavy BDMS users for indexing and scanning.

We encourage most of our users to access BDMS via Web Access since we only have limited number of licenses for Image Capture and Document Manager. 


A bolt-on is a custom web interface designed to enhance and extend the functionality of INB. A bolt-on was created to provide at a glance summary of student data and/or simplify data entry.

Authorized users across campus use the bolt-on interface to view enrollment summary, transfer GPA credit, and high school GPA. 

Degree Works

All currently-enrolled undergraduate students who attend Southern Illinois University after Fall 2012 and who are using the 2012-2013 or a later undergraduate catalog to fulfill their degree requirements can use Degree Works to check their progress toward degree completion. All other students will be migrated to Degree Works with the help of their academic advisor.

The Degree Works audit is UNOFFICIAL and does not take the place of regular academic advising. Students should discuss their progress toward degree completion with the academic advisor after reviewing their degree audit.

Students and academic advisors can use this system to track progress toward a degee or perform a "What-If" analysis prior to a student declaring a major or making a change to a major, minor and/or concentration offered at SIU. 

Internet Native Banner

Internet Native Banner (INB) is a web application system used by departments responsible for the management of Banner information (e.g., Admissions, Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar). INB is intended for users doing more of the administrative functions in these offices. 


Banner Operational Data Store (ODS) is a data mart regularly populated by Banner data. It is a copy of the Banner database, reorganized specifically for efficient report and ad-hoc query access. ODS allows report-writing users to create their own custom ad-hoc reports using Banner data. 

Banner Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is an extension of the ODS with additional reporting capabilities. EDW contains detailed, historical data transformed into formats to support ease of analytical reporting and analysis. 


SalukiNet is a single sign-on web portal for faculty, staff, and students. SalukiNet provides seamless integration to a multitude of systems including convenient and secure access to a student's personal records (e.g., register for classes, check grades, view student schedule, pay bursar bill, view and receive financial aid, etc.), D2L (e.g., course syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, etc.), etc.

In addition, SalukiNet targets students for personalize messages with a unique "To-Do" list feature. Faculty are afforded the ability to enter course grades and view class lists. Library systems, University Housing, Student Health Services and a host of other links provide faculty, staff, and students information at the click of a mouse. 

SSC Campus

Education Advisory Board’s Student Success Collaborative (SSC) is a web-based tool designed to support student retention and completion using data to identify at-risk students and deploy strategies to assist them. SSC Campus provides a platform in which academic advisors can monitor and manage academic progress and performance of their students, make relevant notations, and connect students with appropriate resources.


Workflow is a software program used to trigger interdepartmental communication. Workflow automates business processes by notifying and routing process requests according to a set of predefined procedural tasks.

Authorized users will have a worklist with available workflow activities. All activities are assigned to a role and all users are assigned a role. When a work item (workflow activity) is available, the user(s) will see the item in their worklists.