Telephone Etiquette

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Our view of excellence as stated in Southern at 150: Building Excellence through Commitment is multi-faceted. One facet of excellence, perhaps the most important aspect is communication and the universal tool for communication is the telephone. In today’s work world the phone dominates as a tool for selling, buying, researching, providing services and making lasting impressions. It can also be a source of great frustration, puzzlement and agitation.

The difference between a positive and negative experience with a phone call is you. The human factor in all communications makes the difference. Customers need to feel taken care of, well informed and motivated. When you answer the phone, it’s that 'human moment' when customers can actually experience what it would be like working with you and your people. It's the opportunity to create relationships for the future of your department, college or the university.

We thank you for your efforts on behalf of the students, your department, your college and the University. Without you it wouldn’t get done.

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