Eduroam Apple Devices Setup

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Automatic Setup

The preferred way of setting up the eduroam SSID on any operating system is the Xpress Connect Configuration Utility that can be found at The utility sets up the SSID automatically with little input from you.

Manual Setup

The following instructions are for configuring the Southern Illinois University eduroam service for iOS version 9.2.1s. Other iOS versions may have slightly different screen layouts or settings and steps. Older versions of iOS may have difficulties connecting to eduroam.

Before you begin, please ensure:

Please follow these steps:

1. Find the settings App and click it.

Settings App

2. Click Wi-Fi

Setting Menu

3. Find eduroam and click on it

Wi-Fi Settings

4. Enter your SIU credentials. Ensure your username is followed by (eg.

eduroam setup

5. When the Certificate screen appears, Click Trust in the upper right hand corner.

Certificate Screen