SIU Guest Wireless Policy

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February 25, 2014

This policy is pending approval by the SIU administration.

Guest Wireless Procedures and Information

February 24, 2014

This Procedures and information document is intended for use by employees of the university to aid in understanding background information about the SIU guest wireless network and related procedures. It is intended as an internal use document and should not be generally distributed.

Password Change Procedure:

The Information Technology Network Engineering Team will change the guest wireless password three times per year to be conducted once each in the spring, summer and fall semesters.  Network Engineering personnel will e-mail SalukiTech, IT Staff and LAN Administrators with the proposed change date and the new password.  The proposed date will be set to allow the contact person to distribute the new password to their employees/to the distribution locations; which will likely be a one week notice. 

To change the contact person or to add or delete a contact person, please send an e-mail to with the pertinent information and noting the type change.

Technical Parameters:

  1. SSID:  SIU-Guest
  2. Bandwidth: 1 Meg per access
  3. Access:  Unlimited number of devices/accesses per person
  4. IP Addressing: Will be non-routable and translated to a service provider’s address space
  5. On-Campus Access:  Access to campus resources will be roughly equivalent to access from the internet (port 80, 443, etc.)
  6. Encryption:  WPA2 - AES
  7. Password:  A password is required for access

Note: These parameters are subject to change based on usage, abuse, etc.


  1. Signage will not include the guest wireless password.
  2. Signage can be created/displayed to advertise the presence of the guest wireless network.
  3. Signage will not be provided by the Information Technology department.
  4. Authorized users of the SIU-Indoor wireless network can obtain assistance from the SalukiTech help desk at 618-453-5155 or