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Unit 2: Navigation

The Navigation Unit is highly recommended for all who request access to AIS. Navigation is the process of moving to a specific location within Oracle/AIS windows in order to accomplish a specific objective. It encompasses the following:

• Accessing and exiting the Administrative Information System (AIS).
• Selecting and displaying desired forms.
• Moving between windows within a form.
• Moving between fields within a window.
• Utilizing basic Oracle functionality.

A number of the Oracle Applications and several different Responsibilities will be used to demonstrate Navigation in AIS. You may or may not have access to all the applications and responsibilities used, but the functionality works the same, regardless the application or responsibility.

Begin by selecting Module 1: Getting Started Overview link and then each of the Learning Cycle links within the Module. There are seven Modules in the Navigation Unit. View the tutorials in the order listed and repeat as often as necessary. 

A Practice/Training environment (TRNT) is provided for your convenience. Use your current login information (User Name & Password) or as assigned by your campus training coordinator to access TRNT and practice.

Module 1: Getting Started Overview

Module 2: Windows Overview

Module 3: Menus & Toolbars Overview

Module 4: Finding Data Overview

Module 5: Entering Data Overview

Module 6: Running Reports Overview

Module 7: Folders Overview

Appendix B:  Additional Navigation Topics


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