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Unit 5: SIU PO Department Buyer

Unit 5 is a series of educational tutorials available for those with the SIU PO Department Buyer responsibility within AIS. Department end users will use this responsibility to issue Standard Purchase Orders under the amount of $1,500. This responsibility is currently used only at the School of Medicine in Springfield. 

A Practice/Training environment (TRNT) is provided for your convenience. Use your current logon information or as assigned by your campus training coordinator.

New Users:

These eLearning Tutorials will help you become familiar with the SIU PO Department Buyer function prior to formal training. Hands-on, instructor-led training is required for the SIU PO Department Buyer responsibility. You will be contacted by your campus coordinator with details.

Begin by clicking on the link: Introduction & Sign On. After completing the introduction, click on the Module 1 link and then each of the Learning Cycle links within the Module. There are six Modules in the SIU PO Department Buyer Unit. View the tutorials in the order listed.  They may be repeated as often as necessary.  At the end of each tutorial there is a link to a  “Printable Version” of the information.

Module 1: Supplier Inquiry Overview

Module 2: PO Summary Overview

Module 3: PO Entry Overview

Module 6: GL & PO Date Errors Overview

  • Learning Cycle 1: GL & PO Date Errors 


Your Opinion Counts

We would appreciate feedback on the self-directed training for Unit 5: SIU Department Buyer. Please email any suggestions or comments to aisedu@siu.edu