RezNet Instructions

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RezNet is the name given to the residence hall network at SIU.

Residents should connect any devices capable of WPA2-Enterprise encryption to the "eduroam" network (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.). Any devices that cannot use WPA2-Enterprise but can use WPA2-Personal (PSK) encryption should use the "SIU-limited" network (game consoles, network TVs, streaming media devices). Wired network connectivity is available for devices that are not wireless capable. 



eduroam is the name of the wireless data network on SIU campus and residence halls.

RezNet Wireless connections requires connecting to eduroam, which will provide access to the Internet and SIU internal resources.

The following devices are compatible with WPA2 Enterprise on eduroam wireless.

Further instructions for eduroam can be found here.


For any devices that are not able to authenticate using WPA2 Enterprise, but can authenticate using WPA2 Personal, the SIU-limited wireless network should be used.

The following devices are compatible with SIU-limited, but will not be able to access SIU campus resources (including but not limited to D2L (Online), SIU E-mail, Salukinet, etc):

Learn how to setup SIU-limited.


If you have any questions, have problems connecting, need a wired connection, or need the "SIU-limited" wireless password, please contact Saluki Tech at 618/453-5155 or visit the walk-in center on the First Floor of Morris Library.