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Client Relations and Communications (CRC) holds a unique role in the Office of Information Technology (OIT): we provide polish to the OIT brand. Our work requires devotion to brand development and awareness by every member of the team. The image we project, the service we provide, and the work we do works in unison to determine how the OIT is perceived by clients. We are always interested in talking with people who exemplify “professional” in their attitude, image, and work and are always focused on improving their very best efforts. Excellent customer service and communication skills are a prerequisite for any CRC position.

Great professional candidates are: Great student/intern candidates are:
  • Focused on excellence
  • Skilled writers/communicators
  • Aware of audience
  • Willing to step out of the box
  • Proficient in Word/PowerPoint
  • Enthusiastic
  • Outgoing
  • Great communicators
  • Organized
  • Dependable

Learn more about what each area of Client Relations and Communications. When jobs are available, they are posted in the HireTouch onboarding system.

Communications Specialist

The CRC Communications Specialist (CS) works at a professional level to write content for all media channels including print, broadcast, internet, web, and in-person presentation. The CS must also have the ability to format and develop content for print or virtual delivery using common software packages including Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe. Parses OIT messages to cover all channels, and all audiences, for maximum coverage. He/she also works in support of training and events. Strong interpersonal communication and group facilitation skills are required as well as a vibrant presence.

Training Specialist

The CRC Training Specialist (TS) works at a professional level as an instructional designer to develop, script, present and/or capture OIT training for all internal and external training efforts. The TS works in support of OIT campus and community outreach by the CRC and OIT implementation teams, and provides internal training for the OIT staff. He/she also works in support of other communication effort and events. Strong interpersonal and training presentation skills are required as well as a vibrant presence.

Media/Events Specialist

The CRC Events Specialist (ES) works at a professional level to seek "live" PR/outreach opportunities for OIT. The ES identifies, organizes, promotes, and works live events, along with assembling volunteer teams, in an effort to move OIT (and the University) forward as a regionally known and respected technology resource. He/she works in conjunction with the training and communications specialists. Strong interpersonal and presentation skills are required as well as a vibrant presence.

Documentation Specialist

The CRC Documentation Specialist (DS) works at a professional level as an instructional designer and technical writer to develop technical documents and online training. The DS performs technical and general reviews on unit and departmental documents. He/she works in support of OIT development teams, the PMO, and the other CRC staff. The DS must work with technical experts to understand technical concepts and initiatives, and then be able to write about or deliver that content at a level that is understandable and comfortable for users. An ability to ask logical questions to see the full picture is essential.

Student Employees/Interns

CRC hires students and offers non-paid internships. Since CRC works with clients outside Office of Information Technology, it is important that student workers maintain a professional image when they are working, whether they are working in or outside the office. CRC student employees and interns must conduct themselves professionally and have outstanding customer service skills. Student workers help prepare documents, presentations, and training materials; provide service to OIT customers; and provide technology training to the campus community. Knowledge of Word is required, and proficiency in PowerPoint and video creation tools is a plus. Although the criteria to join our team may be high, student employees and interns get the opportunity to learn and practice skills in advertising, public relations, business, mass communication, and media arts. We will consider enthusiastic students from any major so long as they are willing to take big steps toward the professional working world.